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FGCU: Knapp’s attention to detail derails the competition

From the May 22 edition of the Charlotte Sun.

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FORT MYERS — Working all the angles, civil engineers have a keen eye for even the slightest details in what they design. Every square inch is accounted for and has its own purpose, playing a small but efficient part in the greater body of work.

That’s the approach Ricky Knapp takes to the mound and has excelled in doing for Florida Gulf Coast University’s baseball team.

The civil engineering student has become the staff’s ace not in overpowering opponents — he doesn’t have velocity on his pitches to do so — but in paying attention to subtleties such as how hitters grip the bat and forcing them to make their own mistakes.

“I’m a contact guy, I’m not going to try and throw it by guys,” Knapp said. “That’s how I was taught to think of the game … I’m trying to go out there and throw nine innings every time I pitch, and I can’t do that going full-bore.” Read More…

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