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Blog: Good things will come to those who wait for Cliffmas

Thank you, but I’ve had enough.

The last time I checked, Cliff Alexander isn’t running for president.

But somehow we’ve reached that stage. Read More…

Blog: Don’t shoot the Oklahoma State messenger

You should see some of the letters from readers that either cross a sports editor’s desk or make their way into his inbox.

They are bizarre, to say the least; accusations of bias are common, of incorrect quotes are head scratchers (interviews are almost always recorded), and of such poor writing that the author of a piece should be fired.

It’s happened to me whether it was during my few years at the Daily Illini – at a time where I was learning – in St. Petersburg working for Major League Baseball, or during my first real job in Port Charlotte, Fla., with a community daily. Read More…

Blog: On feeling sorry for Zach Jones

I’m feeling for Zach Jones today.


Now you may not be able to sympathize at this point for a guy you’ve never heard of (or if you have, it’s undoubtedly a different one), nor one that is playing minor league baseball right now. Read More…

Blog: Players win concussion battle, but NFL winning greater war

A doctor may not have diagnosed it, but I’ve had concussions.

I didn’t see Tweety Bird circling around my head, but I remember the headaches after an intense high school football game or practice.

The physicality was natural back then. Even though we were drilled to keep our heads up, we still took multiple blows to the head on a daily basis; using a helmet that I believe would keep me safe. Read More…

Blog: Please don’t ask stupid questions about reporter safety

I follow on Twitter. I thought it was a good idea to as I was job searching, and I like to see what kind of opportunities are out there for both young and old writers these days.

One thing about that feed though, is that it also posts to the discussions that don’t have to do with jobs.

The gem that caught my eye posed the question of whether any journalists have ever felt their safety was in question in a locker room or clubhouse. Read More…

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